The Dahle Personal Rolling Trimmer

This tool will likely be of excellent use for a range of jobs if you’re an avid crafter or someone who comes with an extreme fire for creative artwork works. The Dahle Personal Rolling Trimmers are truly touted as the newest generation of paper cutters. Yes, these rolling trimmers have truly revolutionized the function of paper-cutting. Designed totally to ensure maximum security and truth these private rolling trimmers produce clean burr-free trim and guarantees years of easy and exact cutting expertise.

Some of the great features include

Precision and perfection:

This German engineered tool ensures a sharp and neat edge every time, the exact cut and therefore promoted as a great paper trimmer for the little jobs at office or at home. It will cut through seven sheets of paper at a time without an real effort at all

Lightweight and streamlined layout

This crafters vital tool is professionally made to be compact and lightweight. This characteristic enables it to be handily taken everywhere you need.


This tool is created to make certain maximum security. This is only because the cutting blades are encased in a particular protective plastic to make sure that the blade will not come in touch with your skin. The blade is uncovered just to the cutting-edge. Thus there’s definitely no chance of injury.

Unique blades

You don’t need to concern yourself with shifting of blades since the blades included in this instrument are self-sharpening in character.


The automated paper clamp executed in this device holds the paper securely in location along with the tough alloy foundation imprinted with benchmark marks guarantees a precise cut each and every time. The alloy foundation which is of large quality ensures longevity and superb durability to resist routine harsh use.

Who would you expect to buy a Dahle paper trimmer

Though the Dahle Personal Rolling Trimmers include an alloy foundation they have been incredibly lightweight in nature Thus they’re touted as the ideal alternative for crafters who participate in regular occasions like rubbish booking. In addition, this is a great buy for individuals participated in cutting paper, card stock, photography,  pc paper, tissue-paper and picture copies.


The self-sharpening blades that cut-in either course guarantee exact cuts each time. Furthermore the blades are securely encased in a plastic casing to get rid of threat of any character. It is the ideal merchandise should you be searching to get a private rolling trimmer that ensures extraordinary truth and extreme security then. Purchase one today and take pleasure in the astonishing advantages it provides.

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