Dahle 558 A0 Paper Trimmer

Dahle 558 A0 Paper TrimmerThe rotary actions of these trimmers enable the blade to cut-in either way and sharpen itself as it cuts. It Is this self sharpening activity that vouch for many years of smooth exact cutting and creates a clean burr-free cut. Dahle Professional Rolling trimmers were created for durable applications where precision is critical. These trimmers are outfitted with an earth self-sharpening blade that cuts in either way.

These trimmers have discretionary floor stands and can be wall-mounted. Simple to use and produced to an exceptionally high standard and provide an uncomplicated and secure way of operation. Each trimmer features a blade guard and automated clamping as nicely as a rotary blade. The Dahle 558 trimmer variety is constructed to survive with a design to fit every software from occasional-use to regular heavy duty function.

Made to an incredibly high standard with safe and easy system of operation. Rotary blade and automated clamping

Technical Specification

  • A0 – Office use
  • Cutting size in millimeters – 1300
  • Cutting peak in millimeters – 0.7
  • Paper depth – 70 grams/m^2 in millimeters – 0.8
  • Cutting capability per run 70 grams/m^2 in sheets – 7
  • Alloy Foundation
  • Back quit
  • Measurements (millimeters): 1495 x 360
  • Weight: 8.3kg

See more details and best prices on the Dahle 558 trimmer


A3 Guillotine


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