Dahle 554 A2 Paper Trimmer

Created for precision and security, the cutting knives are wrapped in a plastic housing that essentially eliminates the possibility of accidental A2 paper trimmer - Dahle 554injury. The circular motion of the trimmers permit because it pieces the knife to cut-in either course and develop itself. It’s this self sharpening activity that delivers a clean burr-free slice and ensures several years of clean accurate cutting.

Dahle Professional Coming trimmers are made for durable applications where accuracy is important. These trimmers are built with a floor self-sharpening knife that cuts in either course. Many types within this collection so are ideal for cutting large-format printing, trimming photos, and paper and possess a reducing capability as high as 20 sheets of paper at any given time.

These paper trimmers could be wall-mounted. Each Dahle trimmer comes with a knife guard and automatic clamping together with a circular knife. Simple to use and designed to an exceptionally high-standard and provide an easy and secure approach to procedure. Designed to an exceptionally high standard. Secure and basic way of functioning. Circular automatic and knife clamping. Installed with edge guard. Continue reading